To decide (I)

Making a decision can be a complicated process requiring the sacrifice of some or many things. It’s also known that one image worths a thousand words, so I won’t overtalk, for the moment being.

Thanks a lot, Raquel Banchio, for immortalizing the moment.
Million thanks, pulguita, for making me happy despite the distance.


2 thoughts on “To decide (I)

  1. Dani the great!
    Lots to admire about your journey…..courage, bravery and determination.
    May it be a short one to full recovery and you can count on us all to be there by your side.
    Be strong my friend


  2. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us Daniel! Now you have your nice family and close friends around and of course our prayers and positive energy from far distance…. We’re all with you in your battle.


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