What can I do by myself?

I’ve just seen a hopeful video about complementary therapies to the treatment that I would like to share with you and with anybody in the same situation as me. I should put all hands on deck asap, but not without consulting previously with doctors, of course.

  • Dr. William Li talks about 20 minutes about how to fight angiogenesis, namely the creation of blood vessels feeding the tumor, and he introduces the idea of “What to eat to starve the tumor”, which may seem contradictory at first sight.

I won’t sleep on my laurels, you can be totally sure about that!


One thought on “What can I do by myself?

  1. Osu dear Dani!
    How sad to hear about the cancer. My thoughts are with you! Keep fighting!
    Hugs and a bunch of jodan mawashi geris from me!
    Jenny Stockholms kyokushin


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