Based on a true story (I)

Basado en hechos reales – Nach Scratch feat. Nona

(…) why people mistrust?
why, although being legal, are you kicked every day?
why those having the most are those who deserve the least?
why bastards laugh and honest people suffer?

why can’t I be free, if I’m not harming anyone?
why those who do it are still in the street?

And this is where I am, protected by my people,
(…) and now I smile, when I search in my memories,
memories of misery, memories of victory,
memories of those who didn’t give a dime for me,
I’ve always faced those who wanted to kick my ass.
Listen to this story, it’s the story of my evils,
it’s my story… based on a true story.

Everything started on Monday, February 8, 2016. Bad stories with happy endings start on Monday. It was early in the morning, at 5:30 when the alarm clock triggered. After our usual 5-minute snooze, I got up to start preparing breakfast, since Nathália, my wife, leaves earlier than me. Something strange happened right after putting weight on my right leg: I couldn’t bear my own weight and I collapsed. I fell on my back on our bed and at that moment I could only grit my teeth to bear pain. I almost fainted. Nathália, who saw me falling, didn’t know how to react. I laid around 15 minutes and the pain, even though it didn’t completely disappear, was progressively diluted. The feeling was worse than getting a low-kick straight into the sensitive point, for those who are familiar with fight/combat sports. I made the decision of working from home that day, in case the pain appeared again. As usual, Nathália left at 6:30 and I stayed alone, working after having breakfast and an anti-inflammatory pill. Later, I wrote an email to my boss to inform him about what happened. He replied saying that there was no problem in working from home, and even suggested a possible swelling of the sciatic nerve.

The following day I was back to normality: cyclying to work, working… I didn’t have pain anymore and I didn’t even think that what happened was important. My wife was reticent to letting me go training, but CrossFit was part of my daily routine, and I couldn’t afford missing another training. Not before the Open Games.

Then we jumped to February 29: another Monday. I was in Weingarten (Germany), attending an optics conference. After Sunday’s tutorial, I feel very happy and motivated for the days in front of me and for my presentation. When I headed to the bathroom to have the morning shower, I suddenly experienced the same pain in the same knee. This time, as it’s not a new experience, I managed to control myself and, hopping on one foot, I had an awesome hot water shower, while I was holding myself on the lateral metallic holders. This time pain disappeared much faster and after one hour (and a good breakfast) the initial limp goes also away.

The following weeks went by normally but, after explaining the seizure in Germany to my wife, to Brigitte, the secretary of the lab I work for, and to several job mates, they all managed to persuade me of going to the doctor. So much time had already passed since the crisis that it’s hard to me to describe the pain. I am quite reluctant of going to the doctor, because literally I consider myself “toughest than vinegar”. Despite that, I finally went to a general doctor in Neuchâtel. It was the second time I was going to the doctor since I was in Switzerland – almost three years-, and the last time I went was due to an accident – I fell from 3-meter-height bar on my back while doing a toes-to-bar WoD (Workout of the Day)-. This time the doctor told me to take a break and he prescribed to me… ¡magnesium! I felt so frustrated after that appointment that I can’t hide my disappointment. I decided not to go again to the doctor.

Time passes and, sometimes, I felt pain in my ass when cycling to work or to the sports academy. Or after chained leg training days (jump box, back/front squat, etc.), too. But the pain appeared always after several – 3 or 4 – resting days. The treatment I chose to follow consists in not training the day I was in pain and taking an ibuprofen pill if the pain was too much.

I remember a day in June, the 21st of June, when Portugal was facing Poland in the Euro2016. That day one friend of us (Manu) was having her graduation event and we went to a restaurant to celebrate it. Sadly, we had to leave before the desert because I couldn’t stay sitted and was on a fever. You can guess how the motorbike trip to go home was: totally uncomfortable and painful. But, as I mentioned before, taking a sports rest and some anti-inflammatory pills, pain went away and I could go on normally…


One thought on “Based on a true story (I)

  1. Dear Dani,

    Thank you for sharing ur courageous journey to us. You will certainly win this battle and come out stronger.

    Lots of wishes and courage.


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