My own WoD

A week ago, on November 26, my CrossFit coach, Luciano Branquinho, organized a very special WoD –workout of the day-. WoDs change every day, but this one was really special because he conceived it for me. For those who aren’t acquainted with this sport, there are lots of workouts named after marines of the US Army who were killed while in the line of duty. Myself, I’m not a marine, or american, or casualty, nothing at all… Yet I’m a hearted human being, and seeing my partners training, giving it all in a WoD named after me that contains some of the exercises I suffered most with… it was a pure motivation shot!

Here you have the WoD description FT – for time:

  1. 60 PULL UPS – 60 is the number of steps I had to climb in order to reach my building hall
  2. 1KM RUN – this is the distance I went over every day (back and forth) to go to the sports academy FMA from home: my colleagues knew me as the FMA’s gazelle 😛
  3. 20 deficit Handstand Push Up (HSPU) – I never managed to do one of these, sorry, I never tried hard enough 😉 
  4. 1KM RUN
  5. 20 strict HSPU – I haven’t succeeded yet on these ones
  6. 1KM RUN
  7. 20 kipping HSPU – the only HSPU I managed to do
  8. 60 PULL UPS – to end up hot as hell, ‘Lol

Thanks coach for organizing this workout!
Thank you guys for taking part in this muscular massacre!
You are great!




One thought on “My own WoD

  1. Je sais pas si j’ai bien posté la dernière fois (c’est mon côté grand-mère avec les nouvelles technologies) alors je le réécris 🙂 on pense à toi depuis Thun! Bon courage!


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