Day 32

On Sunday December 18 I got up very happy, cause it was the second consecutive night that I avoided fever. That meant a lot: I only needed to know the results from the blood test at 6 am to be discharged.

When I went to the WC to urinate I did this thing that provides us with an indescribable pleasure and which is at the same time incomprehensible for women: “the morning scratch”. I wouldn’t write about this “well-known secret” if I hadn’t had a bunch of body hair on my hand when I took it out. Since hair loss had already started, it was about time to do what I wanted to do before starting the treatment, the thing that my wife and family had convinced me to postpone: shaving my head off!

The doctor on duty that Sunday passed by my room later bringing with her the results from the blood test and… voilà! The leukocyte count had risen! Hurrah! Before that test the count was at only 140 white blood cells per uL. However, as a good engineer I am, I know that there’s always a trade-off. In my case, it was the red blood cells: I was anemic. That’s why I was going to be transfused some blood.

And it was not at this moment when I realized how important it is to have that blood available in the short term. I am, well I was, since I was diagnosed this illness, blood donor since several years ago. I always try to convince people around me that it is an altruist gesture, painless and free, that can save lifes and that once it’s not enough. In my case it was not that tragic, but most likely that blood transfusion would allow me to stay home with my family during Christmas, instead of staying in the hospital.

So, if you appreciate me, you will listen to what I say and go have an insignificant shot every 4 months: believe me, it’s totally painless! Painful was the first bone biopsy I had, this is peanuts! I am a strange case since this cancer has struck me at the age of 32, but this Ewing thing enjoys attacking children. I think about the amount of innocent children, with still a lot to live ahead of them, who should be experiencing this and I can’t avoid dropping some tears. Please, think as I do in these children and, if you weight more than 50 kg, move your ass to donate blood once and for all. You’ll be proud after that, and also knowing that with a tiny shot you are contributing to save lifes… even without moving farther away than you hospital or donation center… That feeling is priceless.

Hemo, Prof. Globus y young Globin of an altruist person, getting ready to enter my body and help me in overcoming the anemia. Whoever you are, donor, thank you very much!

And well, after the oil change -I got two blood units- I felt like a bull and got finally discharged. What a feeling it is to sleep on one’s bed! And what about sleeping more than 3 hours per night!

The day after I had an appointment with Nath the hairdresser. And this is the outcome of a radical change of look (I hope you like it, I think it’s a little bit daring 😉 ):

If I’m like this… why should I change?

3 thoughts on “Day 32

  1. Hi Dani,

    Your new style is great, but please tell me you didn’t leave this little patch of hair ! 😉 Nath cannot do this to you, can she?

    Anyway, prends soin de ton cul!



  2. Hey! I want the number of your hairstylist! How much was for it? Shall we take an appointment in advance? Does she have good tabloid magazines? Haha you look like Baby Gerald from The Simpsons hahaha!


  3. Dani, me has tocado la fibra sensible ahí así que he hecho de tripas corazón y me he ido a donar sangre hoy. Como mi mujer es de Vitoria me han pinchado con una aguja vasca, que hasta me han avisado que eran más grandes que las normales! Deberías verla tio!
    Un abrazo grande tio!


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