Fourth round – 66.6%

Hi there! This time, since I have already overcome the halfway, I felt it was appropriate to make a video to let you know about my progression. Here you have it:

Last February 28, day 104, was the Rare Disease Day. I was wondering how much rare is Ewing’s sarcoma. In the U.S.A. about 300 new kids are diagnosed per year. This number may seem large to some of you, but taking into account their population -318.9 million in 2014-, it is about 0.00009407%. If we apply the same percentages to Spain -46.77 million in 2014- we might get around 44 cases per year. And these are the most common cases: kids and young adults up to 25 years old. People like me are rare among the rarest -or rare^2, ‘lol-. This is why Alba Pérez’s Foundation is making a brilliant job, a praiseworthy task since these 44 innocent kids need hope. Imagine for a second it was your child the unfortunate one… COLLABORATE! Don’t wait longer!

  • This is the solidary IBAN account number for donations:
My colleague Greg sent me this picture after a blood donation. What about you? Have you already done it?
View from the floor of the 3 m^2 storage room I told you about in the video. The boxes reach the ceiling and lots of them were unlabeled :S Great conditions to look for a pair of glasses hahahaa
Chariots of fire. Removing things after finding my glasses.
IMG_20170228_131102 (1)
Don’t dare to lose the smile in the day hospital 🙂
Lookalike (1)
This little look-alike with Squidward popped up in situ xD
Natural orange juice isn’t included at ICO’s menu 😦
Making the most of an exceptional day on the beach: it was quite a long time that I hadn’t walked on the sand.
With my best ally to beat the bug
Castelldefels’ sunny walk.

A last-minute gift that made me drop a few tears:



2 thoughts on “Fourth round – 66.6%

  1. Hey handsome!
    Love your glasses and your spirit!
    Halfway done 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻Congratulations!!!
    One thing I garantee you “” nothing lasts forever “”!!! But what stays will be your agreement with life, love and lots of laughter!!!


  2. Hello, I have just found your blog. My 10year old daughter has Ewings and is currently about to have her 8th round of chemo. She takes a drug called Gabapentin to prevent nerve damage – maybe it could help your hands? Also the optician recently gave her glasses and eye drops as she was diagnosed with chronically dry eyes from the chemo drugs – maybe that would help your vision too? She was complaining that things were blurred and fuzzy. All the best, Rachel


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