Fifth round – 83.3%

Xavi & Claire’s visit

Xavi came to see me when I started the treatment, but we hadn’t seen Claire since that afternoon when Nathália and I said “Yes, I do”, in 2013, so their visit thrilled us. It’s always welcome to see good old friends, remember anecdotes and learn Irish expressions -such as “it’s so gorgeous”-.


A pleasant moment

Monday, April 3, day 138, right after the blood test but before starting the treatment, something funny happened to me. I was walking home with Nathália in our neighborhood when a girl that was having breakfast in a terrace suddenly got up and came towards us:

– Hi! Are you the guy that collaborates with Alba Pérez’s Foundation?

– Mmmm, yes, yes – I answered hugger-mugger.

– I follow your blog and I wanted to encoourage you and give you a lot of strength, because you’re going to overcome all of this – she said.

It took me a while to digest that situation, but when I did it a very pleasant feeling went through my whole body 🙂 Even though I was wearing my winter street gear (cap, jacket, buff, sunglasses), that girl recognized me. Me or Victoria Beckham 😛 To be frank, I was quite off-guard, but I liked very much such an affection sample. Whoever you are, a neighbor from my neighborhood, thank you very much!

Distress-free cycle

This time I could start my fifth chemotherapy cycle directly at the hospitalization area. I was also told that this was a very exceptional situation, but it was excellent to me. I started around noon and before 10 p.m. I had already finished the first session. During those three days, I could share long chats with my roommate and his wife, Mr. Paco and Ms. Consuelo, about every topic. When you have an agreeable roommate everything is easier and more pleasant, and one doesn’t miss that much home.

On the second day, a couple of minutes after I was brought the breakfast tray, an orderly came to the room. He asked: You haven’t had breakfast yet, have you? No, I haven’t had it yet, but they wanted to carry me to have an MRI. An MRI? Nobody said anything to me the previous day! And the MRI and rest of tests had been programmed after the sixth cycle. Well, after some minutes they managed to clarify that misunderstood and I could have breakfast quietly in my room. They were mistaken once more, but luckily I was attentive enough to avoid the mistake :S

The last day I managed to get the chemotherapy as soon as 8 a.m. so I could finish quite early. Indeed, I was discharged that night and I could sleep at home, something unprecedented so far. But, of course, there was a trade-off. I had to take the intravenous drugs orally, and here you can see the result (don’t miss the vein on my skull and Nathália’s facial expressions xD):

I’ve felt especially the ifosfamide reduction. The system reset has happened just one day after the last session: it’s been a record! The lack of sensitivity/numbness on the fingertips has improved. This time I didn’t even suffer from the palpitations/angst on the chest/heart. I’ve felt so good that I’ve even started running – if one can call that “running”, hahaha- with Nathália. We’ve run about 3 km 3 times a week. I know it’s nothing special, but it helps in sweating the chemotherapy much more efficiently than pedaling while lying on the bed, as my traumatologist had recommended me. Lol! Moreover, we’ve found the ideal balance: in normal conditions that would be a “promenade” for me and a marathon -or something worse- for her. I’m very motivated to see her progress as we train since she had never run before.

This is the image I had of myself on my mind when my traumatologist told me that: doing the cockroach hahaha.

I must admit it: I love to feel good. Being able to live my life, to go for a walk in my city when the weather is good, go for dinner to a restaurant and order what you like, to have fun with my friends and family. It’s something insignificant if you are healthy, but once you aren’t anymore and follow the Carpe Diem way of life, such as I have done, these moments turn into magic and special ones.

Awesome spring afternoon at Montjuïc. That was one of these magic moments! Luckily for us, the backpack next to us didn’t have any explosive artifact inside, hahaha.


My trophy

Sunday April 9, day 142, my friend Juan Antonio – a.k.a. “mad Juan”-, and karate colleague took part in the Deltebre triathlon and finished third in his category. Soon after that I found this post from him in Facebook that managed to give me goosebumps:


This picture goes for you, Dani, because I made a promise, because I’ve fought and trained so that this day were also for you! And today I succeeded! You’re a fighter, a warrior that everyone of us considers an example of struggle, self-improvement, perseverance, and motivation. This trophy is yours!

I think that I don’t need to do any comments about it, the text is self-explanatory. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, mad Juan!


Swiss visit 3.0 – Easter

This Easter it was time for my CrossFit trainer Luciano and his girlfriend Carina together with the owners of Fight Move Academy at Neuchâtel, Nelson and Susanna. Our friends Angelique and Beto, and their daughters Élis and Paola also came to Barcelona. All together we had very nice moments, as can be seen on the following pics:

FMA team in “fight-against-cancer” mode hahaha
Making funny faces to laugh of cancer – all but Luciano, who doesn’t understand what’s about 😛
The only picture where everybody looks great: a difficult task xD
Tourists with Pereira do Lago’s family

I give thanks to all of you to dedicate your holidays to come and visit me, for the T-shirts, cheese, and chocolates. I’d also like to thank my friends from FMA who have participated in the charitable collection and to the Di Maggio’s family for the support.

And now what?

While I’m waiting for the sixth round, I’m getting ready for radiotherapy. Once the induction chemotherapy is over, I’ll have a full set of diagnosis tests in order to evaluate the evolution of the treatment. In a future post, I’ll explain in detail what this phase is going to be about and how days go by.

Interesting articles

I’ve found a very interesting short scientific video and article on the net. Have a look at them:


After these fifth cycle, I’d like to make a special mention of the nurses and auxiliary nurses from ICO María, Maica, Laura, Lucía, Karen, Paula, Sara, Sonia and Dr. Martín. Also to the focolarine for lending us their car during these days.


2 thoughts on “Fifth round – 83.3%

  1. Dani, I believe in angels, that girl who stopped you, on your way home it was an angel!!
    will be just fine,.
    I\Beeing a cancer survivor, it is all most 10 years so far, let me tell you, I’m here and you will be posting after cancer, on your blog in 10 years…
    That girl, of course, she did not recognize you recognized Nathalia!!!:) 🙂 🙂


  2. Hi Dani,
    I’m very happy to hear that you can enjoy moments of normal life.
    The “Carpe Diem way of life” is a really important approach to enjoy life, i’m convinced that everyone should follow it! :o)
    I’m writing only now because we came bcak yesterday from our 2-weeks honey moon ;o)
    I wanted to share with you that at least 40 donations were done at Fundacion Alba Peréz as presents for our wedding, this made Kristina and me very glad!
    We know it is a little contribution but you can be sure it was done with a lot of pleasure (some of our friends and relatives asked us more about your marathon, you are becoming famous, my friend ;o)
    Keep on doing like this!
    You are a strong guy and you are not alone!


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