Forty-two with me

As I already told you in my last post, my colleagues and friends from EPFL had the starting signal for the Tour du canton last April 19, a race split into 6 weekly stages, each one in a different spot of the canton of Neuchâtel.


The team made up by Greg, Gaël, Sara, Nico and Johana, was called Vamos Dani to honor me. Every stage, with a distance of approximately 11 km and 200-300 m of net gain in altitude, has proved to me that where there is a will there is a way. From the team members, Nico and Johanna are frequent runners, athletes that enjoy running, as much as I do. Greg and Gaël aren’t that athletic but sporadically go running. They are the ideal prototype of what is called in Spain “fofisano” or dad bod xD. But Sara doesn’t like running, and even less in the forest. She prefers going to the gym, so this test has meant for her a real torture. And well, you just to check the pictures they have taken to believe my statement:

BCN_Tour La Chaux-de-Fonds 2017
Sara’s nightmare


Greg going for broke at sprint
Coach Nico and Gaël, who could hardly raise his thumb.
Johana loves running ^^

In the end, all together have run 562 km. Under sun, rain, and snow -yes, you’ve read it right: snow. And they’ve managed to finish as the first EPFL team -my university in Switzerland-, a great achievement. Check the blog they’ve made out:

All of my lab partners from EPFL have greatly supported me, and I cannot be more grateful to them. Lots of them joined the team for running at the last stage. Someone had never walked 10 km and ran for the first time ever such a distance. The position at the finish line doesn’t matter, the most important is what they did.

Krishna at the photocall for the occasion
Brigitte in thumb up mode!
Babak sending strength
Richa and Karin with the sweeper cyclist
Keith and Marie, from EMPA Thun, also joined the team


Lorenzo, the italian friend I told you about in another post
The complete last-stage team

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