Stuff to share

Well, I think it’s about time to share with you some interesting links that I’ve discovered lately .

Chemotherapy drugs

To start with, here you have the link to a very interesting website. It describes all of the chemotherapy drugs – which are alphabetically ordered:


This web includes the results from a survey launched to worldwide patients of Ewing’s sarcoma, as well as other important data:

European Reference Networks

The European Reference Networks is very good news for rare diseases‘ patients, among others Ewing’s sarcoma. Thanks to a virtual platform that has been launched recently, specialists could ask for advice about a diagnosis and check the results of medical trials from a network of more 900 highly specialized health centers from 25 countries in the EU and Norway. Have a look at this short video:!qK49bq

Success stories

I wanted to outline this couple of success stories: the one from Pam Kusar and from Gabriele Grunewald. The commitment and determination of these athletes to overcome such a difficult situation are exemplary, bravo!

Save the date

Are you doing something on the evening of February 15th, 2018? Then you should save the date… More details in future posts… Mwhahahahaha! 🙂



One thought on “Stuff to share

  1. Hola Dani, yo también padezco esta enfermedad, me gustaría ponerme en contacto contigo y hablar con alguién que esta en mi misma situación. Como podría contactar contigo?


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